Kurbits is a national business development program, tailor made for the tourism industry. The programs spans during a 4-6-month period, with one meeting per month, under the guidance of a specially trained process leader. Meetings are held in a workshop format, alternating new information with inspiration, cases and tools. External speakers and experts are also invited to the the meetings to share their knowledge and experience. Between meetings, each participant receives personal coaching on-site at their respective businesses and work with concrete tools to help them put words into action.


Kurbits was developed in 2008 by The Regional Development Council of Dalarna County in cooperation with the University of Dalarna and bushiness developers from the sector. Kurbits is in itself an innovation and has developed its methodology and tools from a successful business development program for small-scale companies in the food industry called meNY. Several researchers in this field have been involved since 2000. In 2011 seven regions outside of Dalarna started using Kurbits. This was an important learning process in the development of a national program. On January 1, 2012 Kurbits made a clear exit and was transferred to and made into a national program with a stand-alone business model.

Here you can find a presentation of Kurbits: Kurbits_folder