Kurbits helps business owners earn a better living from their passion. Our business development programs are developed and designed specifically for small businesses. Participants are given tools for increased effectiveness and profitability as well as the possibility of finding new business partners.

The Kurbits program is run for a group of 10 over a sixmonthperiod, on site at their respective businesses. Participants are provided with tools and assignments to carry out between meetings, as well as personal coaching. Twelve months after program start, participants get together for a reunion, where they can report effects for their businesses.

Personal coaching

The program also features a personal coach, working with you on your particular business! The process leader, who is in charge of the program, will also pay visits to all participants for personal coaching. The coaching opportunities is a way to practically transfer the content of the meetings to your business and your everyday reality.

Why coaching?

Research shows that the combination of group meetings and personal coaching provides excellent opportunities to develop your business and focus on you specific needs. Development thus occurs from two directions simultaneously.