What’s unique about Kurbits is that the entire content for all programs is developed by the hospitality industry, for the hospitality industry, and that our process leaders have extensive industry experience and are trained in the Kurbits methodology and teaching methods.


  • Kurbits is a process based on many years’ research and practical work
    in the field of adult learning, specifically adapted for small businesses.
  • The process and the teaching methods promote development,
    cooperation and concrete results for the participants.
  • Specially adapted tools help businesses move from words to action.
    The tools lead to an adapted development plan, which is also used
    after the program is finished.
  • The composition of the participant groups is developed for creating
    synergy effects in the specific industry, as well as between participants.
    – The Kurbits programs are developed in collaboration with universities,
    industries and public institutions.
  • Each program is locally anchored in such a way as to integrate the vision
    and strategies of the destination, so-called Smart Specialization. This
    way, Kurbits can be easily integrated in ongoing initiatives.
  • The clear Kurbits process has been successfully adapted from the
    hospitality industry to adjacent sectors, such as the cultural and creative
    sector, food experiences and retail.
  • Kurbits participant businesses are analyzed by an external consultancy
    firm that measures the Kurbits effect over a five-year period, and
    participants also self-report one year after the program is finished.
    The Kurbits effect is undeniable.