Kurbits Business development program


For businesses in need of knowledge and tools to develop. The program uses the participants’ own businesses as a starting point and aims to make them more professional and profitable. Through workshops and discussions, important parts of business development are methodically explored. This is alternated with individual work and coaching.   Program content: PERSONAL [...]

Kurbits Event


A business development program for event arrangers. Includes basic business development as well as sales, reception, project management and distribution.   Program content: PERSONAL COACHING 1. Idea and concept 2. Communication and branding 3. Planning 4. Implementation 5. Conclusion/div>   What's unique about Kurbits is that the entire content for all programs is developed [...]

Kurbits Culture


Interested in learning more about marketing, branding, sales and economy – or in brief: how to develop your business in the best way? The Kurbits Culture business development program takes your business and your everyday reality as the starting point. - Six one-day meetings with all participants over a six-month period - Small groups, [...]

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