Kurbits has been awarded ”Good Practice” by the EU for cross-sector initiatives and innovation in the area of tourism as a means to stimulate competitiveness in small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Financial results

Kurbits businesses are monitored over a five-year period – two years prior to and two years after the program year itself. Below are results from using the The SIMPLER™ method to analyze Kurbits participant businesses during 2009 and 2010. The reference group consists of non-participating small businesses with 1-20 employees.

The Kurbits effect

More than 570 businesses have participated in Kurbits programs, and they have testified that Kurbits
has helped them develop. The positive effects are measurable in terms of turnover and profitability, but
also in terms of ’soft’ values such as increased professionalism, greater self-confidence and increased
motivation. The cumulative effect is even greater. Kurbits has helped industries and regions develop.




Changed their pricing




Developed their marketing


Developed new products and services